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bicycle riding The Hotel Quellengrund was built in 1993 and offers a generous subdivision of rooms with pleasant properties .
The rooms on the ground floor have their own terrace . You can go straight into the garden , to a pond and to a storks nest . golf course
hotel garden Enjoy the view into the meadow-landscape and into the marsh area , the feeding grounds of the storks . There are rambling paths near the hotel , the way to truly enjoy nature .
Activities / Sports available ( near the hotel ) :
bicycle riding ( everywhere fully developed bicycle paths ),
Sauna(0.5km), Squash(0.5km), Tennis(0.5km),
 Golf (1km) -Golf Club Verden), horse court , horseback riding , Vogelpark Walsrode(30km), Magic Park Verden(5km), Heidepark Soltau(40km), Serengeti Safaripark Hodenhagen/Walsrode(33km), Lüneburger Heide(30km), Wildpark Lüneburger Heide

Hotel Quellengrund - Waller Heerstrasse 73 - 27283 Verden / Aller ( Germany )
telephone +49-4230-9302-0  ,  telefax +49-4230-9302-33  ,  E-mail:
hotel in Verden - Germany